The Creative Body Dynamics System contains everything you need in order to live a more successful life, enriched with self-belief and self-confidence, superior health, amazing fitness and ultimate well-being.

You will get immediate access to your CBD System (in an instant PDF download), so no waiting days or weeks for a delivery, before you can get started.


" don't need any fancy equipment and you don't need to be super fit to get started... What I love most about it is the small amount of time you need to do the workouts.




  • A guide through the Six DNA Elements/Zones for your Success
  • Tools and exercises to balance, challenge and empower you psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and physically
  • 30 mind blowing, exciting and fun CBD workouts (beginner, advanced, very advanced) with 3 exercises in each
  • Simple and effective food table/chart - what to eat and what you should avoid
  • Proven healthy lifestyle advice
  • How to create effective habits for your health and wellness success
  • Illustrated with over five hundred full colour photographs to take away the guess work
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions, from beginning to end.
  • Your own personal CBD System guide which you can take with you anywhere
  • Special CBD System Test
  • FIVE amazing and exclusive BONUS videos, plus so much more ...........


"This system works, not just for the professionals but for everybody... ...I can create my workouts around me, wherever I am no matter how busy I am."


No risk money back guarantee:

100 percent guarantee

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself as the proof will be in your results. If after 60 days, you do not 'honestly' feel it is for you for whatever reason, then I will give you back a full refund, no questions asked. I believe in the CBD System that much.

What is a PDF?

It is a digital download which contains the entire CBD System ready for you to add to any readable device you choose (Smart Phone, Tablet, laptop, PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android etc...). It is quick, effective, efficient and easy to use and access.

Sample the System

Below is a sample of what you can expect to get in the CBD System.

  • Click the button on right to view in 'Fullscreen' mode, it looks much better...
  • Drag or Click the page edges and corners to 'flip' the page, or you can use the toolbar.
  • Click the center of a page to zoom in.


"I can honestly say this has revolutionised the way I feel about exercise. It has given it all a purpose. CBD first and foremost makes me feel amazing!"


To purchase and own the Cbd System = £99.99 NOW only £46.99

The MONTHLY fee of a recognised standard gym = £44.50 to £95.00
(I did find a handful which were cheaper and also some which were more expensive, but the majority were within that bracket range. Don’t forget the joining fee, which is typical, unless signing for 12 months. How many months a year do you pay for and fail to turn up for?)

10 x Big McDonalds Breakfast = £49.50
(What is this doing to your health and body and mind?)

1.5 x session with a Dietitian or Nutritionist = £30 - £130 per session

1st Hypnotherapy session = £45 to £90 per session

10 x (Hash browns, large French fries and 3 sausages at £4.90) = £49.00

10 x (3 Burgers, French Fries + bonus Fish) = £56.50
The CBD Team are with you every step of the way, no stupid gimmicks, fat burning pills or promises of a sexy body with only 3 minutes a day.

1 x Personal Trainer session (or 2 sessions if he or she likes you) = £50

1.5 x Body Wrap session = £35 introductory price. Thereafter = £75 to £130.

1 x special offer Motivational weekend Course = £145.95

There are 100s or 1,000s of fitness programs, diets and fads of the month out there, that may cost less or cost more, but how much more time and money do you want to continue to waste trying one after the other?

The CBD System 100% works when you follow it exactly - Period. If not, we will give you back your money - all of it, no hassle, no questions, no worries. But before you purchase this Evolutionary CBD System, I want you to ask yourself ONE question; How much is your Health, your Fitness, your Wellness and ultimately YOUR LIFE worth?

Only you can answer that truthfully and only you will know when you are 100% ready and 100% COMMITTED to finally leaving behind the pain you have suffered up until now. The Cbd System will give you all of the tools and knowledge and guidance and help you need, but it will only work if you begin the journey and make it a habit. We can help you do that, especially when you plug into our amazing CBD Community Forum.

The forum is there to serve you and will give you that constant MOTIVATION and daily INSPIRATION to keep you on top of it all.

So trust us to help you get to where you want to go. The Cbd System is not some new age diet or fad program. It is a specifically calculated and proven system to help you positively change your lifestyle.

We look forward to being able to serve you.
The CBD Team.

Choose to Believe, then Do.

Was £99.99

If you are still not sure if the Cbd system is the right system for you, even with a risk-free 60 day money back guarantee, then try out the Cbd System Light #1 for only £4.95 and allow the results to speak for themselves.

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Zen Corey