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  • Will it work for me if I only have 30 minutes a day to train?

    YES - 30 minutes a day is all you need in order to start seeing and feeling dramatic improvements in your health, fitness and wellness. Every CBD workout was specially created in order to be 15 minutes in duration. So if you only have 30 minutes a day to train, simply pick any 2 CBD workouts. Start with the CBD Rampage ‘Belief’ workouts, as these are the workouts which will build you a solid and exciting foundation.

  • I have never really trained before, will I be able to do it?

    YES - The CBD System was specifically created in order to be a guide and health, wellness and fitness companion, which you could beneficially use whether you are an absolute beginner or whether you are a seasoned professional who is used to training 7 days a week. It is for everyone. If this is the first time you have ever used the CBD System, I highly recommend that you start reading from the very beginning (page 1). Do EVERY single exercise as you come to it (the mental, emotional and spiritual exercises) BEFORE you even consider starting the physical exercises. This is VERY, VERY, VERY Important. Once you arrive at the physical exercises section, begin with the 10 workouts within the ‘Belief’ series. Do not progress to the ‘Power’ series of workouts until you can masterfully perform all 10 workouts in the ‘Belief’ series as explained. Most people have stayed solely with the ‘Belief’ series of workouts and have experienced results and benefits beyond their wildest dreams.

  • I don't have access to a gym, can I still use your system?

    My moto is “Your Environment is your Gym and your Personal Trainer is You”. This should tell you everything. The CBD System was created with one thing in mind - To re-awaken the self belief in people and to give them the tools to take back control of their lives. So you do not need access to a gym in order to perform any of the exercises or workouts; your environment (home, room, park, woods, beach, open space, etc) is all you need.

  • Will I have to start from scratch if I miss a day?

    If you miss a day, you will not have to start back over from the beginning. You just carry on from where you left off. But if your old habits start to creep up on you and your one day turns into one week, which then turns into one month, then you will have taken a number of steps back and what you were able to do before you stopped, you may find that you no longer can do as well.

    If you stop completely for longer than 6 days, then the first thing you should do is revisit your ‘Goals’ and your ‘Whys’, because it may be that they are not strong enough, because if they were, you wouldn’t have stopped. Then I would advise you to redo your CBD Test and use that as your new bench mark. If you stopped due to an illness or injury, then continue to train your mind and focus on continuing to eat healthily. Do the exercises which do not cause you any pain, but check with your Dr that it is ok to do so.

  • What equipment do I need?

    To do the exercises or physical workouts, you do not need any equipment other than appropriate clothing (unless you want to train naked. Some exercises I would not advise this ☺) and appropriate footwear if needed. For some of the workouts I use some kind of weight in my hands (like water bottles, tins, cans, a chair, briefcase, or hand weights if I have them - use your imagination but be safe), but this is not necessary.

  • I want to bulk up, will the CBD system work for me?

    The question you need to define and clarify for yourself is, ‘Do you just want to look bigger and bulkier or do you actually want to be stronger?’ The CBD System will help you to achieve both, yes, but it was initially created to help people eradicate excess fat and shape their bodies the way they desire. To become stronger and bigger you will have to follow the CBD workouts and implement 3 key variables:

    • TIME (The length of time it takes you to perform each exercise.)
    • LOAD (The weight are you now having to move/lift/shift.)
    • VARIETY (The different moves/activities to maintain the excitement, challenge and passion.)
    • FREQUENCY(the number of reps per set, the number of sets and the number of times you train.)

    Going into depth about everything you need to become bigger and stronger is a whole program in itself and I would suggest you check out works and videos by Elliot Hulse, who has some amazing stuff and also check out Andrew Marshall. They definitely have the keys to allow you to become bigger and much stronger in much more detail.

  • I want to get fit but do not want to have big, huge muscles, I want a slender female physique. Is the CBD system for me?

    YES, the CBD System is again for you also. There is a huge misconception that when you train hard, your muscles will become huge and your body will look like a professional body builder. As you train within and follow every step laid out in the CBD System, you will ‘naturally’ start to work your muscles more which will allow them to strengthen and grow, but they will not grow and look bigger and bulky unless that is your intention (refer to question 6 above). As your muscles are worked and become more dense and stronger, they will cause your metabolism to work harder which will in turn start to ‘burn’ and eradicate your excess fat, so in fact you will start to look smaller but more defined and stronger and sexier. As mentioned within the system; if your intention is to bulk up and look bigger, then you will need to increase your calorie intake as well as increasing and changing your training regime.

    Remember - You have total control over how your body looks and how you feel. If you feel that your legs are becoming to defined, then ease of the leg exercises. If you feel that your arms are becoming too defined, then ease of the arm exercises. You are the sculptor of your own body. You have total control. We are just here to give you the tools and to guide you.

  • What do I do if I can't complete all the exercises due to an old knee injury?

    If you cannot complete a particular workout because of an ankle injury or any other injury, just substitute that exercise with one you can do without pain or causing further injury. Make sure you consult with your Dr if you are not 100% sure if it’s appropriate for you at that time.

    There is of course a touch more detail to just substituting one exercise for another, because each CBD workout was specially creating in order to perfectly balance and harmonise the PHA System in unison with aerobic and anaerobic exercises, as well as strength. But for the sort term (while you are injured) any exercising is better than none (as long as it does not cause you further injury or pain).

  • I have no stairs so can't do all of the workouts. Can I skip the workout using steps?

    If you do not have stairs in you home or accommodation and cannot get access to any stairs, then yes you can skip the stairs exercises, but my advice would be to go and find a safe place which allows you access to stairs and then do the workouts.

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